Corrugated cartons and boards can be printed for many reasons, such as identification (bar codes, etc.), legal requirements, or general point of sale presentation. Health and safety information may need to be available for the contents, as well. Printed corrugated packaging conveys sales information about the product and the company that produces that product. The box used for transit is an important way to communicate perception of the product inside. Here at Ambrose Printing Company we are experienced in helping your company to create packaging for transit that will present your product in the best possible light.

Ambrose Printing Company has many years of experience in all kinds of printing, and we understand that economics are very important when making print decisions. Some of the factors we will look at with you in relation to your costs will be:

  • The quality of print you will require (visual impact, finish, etc.)
  • The quantity of the print run needed
  • Budget for the project
  • Grade and pricing of board used

Printing on corrugated board includes the following processes:

  • Flexographic – this is the most common form of printing used for corrugated. Economic and effective, it is effective in both small runs and for large volume printing. It is usually  seen in 1-4 color printings, and sometimes even up to 6 colors are used today.
  • Silkscreen – this process is more expensive than Flexographic printing, but the finish is of the highest quality. The finish is often glossy and used for point-of-sale and display packaging. This process is generally used for small to medium-sized print runs.  
  • Litho-laminated – a very good quality option; it is used for high-quality finishes and most cost effective when printed in a medium sized run.
  • Pre-print – this particular process is suitable for large volume production; usually a full reel of paper is pre-printed with a selected design and then produced as a corrugated board to be converted to boxes. Depending on the detail included in the print design, this process can have a high origination cost.

Whatever print process you decide to use for your corrugated packaging, the Ambrose Printing team is here to work with you to achieve the perfect finished product.