The folding carton manufacturing industry has always benefited from a stability of demand. Rising and falling more or less predictably with the general trends of the consumer economy, its usability is undeniable. Their light weight and ease of transport makes them the go to for many industries. Supermarkets and stores all over the world use these little marvels to handle their packaged needs. The easy to fold design makes it perfect for many situations. Its industry value is both mature and dynamic; rooted in its traditional role, but also driven to improve the value of what it offers to customers and consumers. The Ambrose Printing team has the experience and skill to manufacture a packaging product that fulfills your expectations.

Ambrose knows that the packaging business is based on speed to market, and after years of rising demand for short runs on short notice, turnaround times have been virtually eliminated in many instances. What brands want to achieve is a very high-end look while lowering the costs by economizing on packaging design wherever possible. For carton printers facing requirements like these, nothing less than the most advanced production systems will do. Here at Ambrose, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that our clients and customers receive the highest-quality packaging available on the market today.

The demand for folding cartons will continue to mirror broader economic trends. This is especially true in the market that the U.S. represents, and will remain a powerful value proposition for product marketers. Long after predictions about other kinds of printing have come to pass or failed to materialize, folding cartons will still be doing their time-honored job of bringing consumer products safely, efficiently, and attractively to market. And we here at Ambrose Printing Company will be here, just as we have been since 1865, serving your packaging printing needs.

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