Perhaps it was a poster of a favorite theme park attraction, or one of a favorite band or popular festival. Some of those very posters have become iconic images in and of themselves. Some are still speaking to people today, decades after it came off the printing press. Many are even collector’s items that demand high dollars.
The power of an image can’t be overestimated. An image can bring back memories and evoke strong responses from your customers. Ambrose has been creating and producing powerful images for a long, long time. We know what works, and we can help you create posters for your event or business that will capture the eye and the imagination of the viewer. Get your message across in a powerful and memorable way.
Your poster can be produced in
  • bright, loud and expressive colors,
  • with brilliant graphics
  • and printed with a glossy finish.

Or perhaps you prefer an understated, classy look, with muted colors and a matte finish. Whatever your vision, we can make it happen for you. Are you planning a themed event, such as a winter gala or a summer garden party? Let’s sit down and create a color scheme and design that will perfectly suit your event. Is your company planning a series of product-related seminars or webinars? Together, we can produce a poster that will catch the eye and the attention of prospective attendees. Or maybe you are looking ahead to a music festival next summer or fall, and need to get the word out soon, before music lovers fill up their calendar! Let’s get to work on a poster that tells the story of the event with a visually impactful and exciting series.

The list of ways you could use posters to advertise is almost endless. Because each poster design is unique, the imagery could last a very long time, bringing advertising benefits for years to come.
Call Ambrose Printing Company today, and let’s get to work on your poster project!