Here at Ambrose Printing Company, we offer UV Printing. A recent addition to the printing scene, UV Printing has many advantages over conventional printing. The process was developed to aid in the quick-drying of gel nail polishes during manicures. This created popularity in the industrial and commercial markets.

Conventional and UV Printing use similar processes, but two distinct differences are:

  • UV Ink vs. Conventional Ink
  • UV Drying Process vs. Conventional Drying Process

Conventional Offset Printing Process

Conventional offset printing uses solvent inks, which evaporate into the air. Releasing these harmful fumes makes conventional printing a bad option for the environment. In addition, spray powders (used speed the drying process) get absorbed into the paper, affecting the colors. This often causes dilution and less vibrant colors. The drying process for conventional printing can take several days as well, depending on the weight of paper used. Inks for conventional printing have to be absorbed into the materials used, which means they cannot be used for plastic and other slick surfaces.

UV Printing Process

In comparison, UV inks dry by a photomechanical process. The inks are exposed to ultra-violet light while being printed, which turns them to a solid from a liquid with little-to-no evaporation of solvents. There is almost no absorption of ink into the paper stock. This allows you to print on virtually any surface available when using UV inks. These inks dry immediately and release no harmful materials into the environment.

They are a green technology and leave virtually no carbon footprint. This method can create a clean environment, and has zero emissions as well. These inks are also weather resistant, and if that weren’t all, because UV inks dry on contact, they never smudge! So expensive protective coatings to guard against smears need never be used. UV Printing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and cost effective methods available.

As printing technology continues to evolve, UV Printing is fast becoming the new industry standard. The Ambrose Printing team is proud to offer this eco-friendly and cost-effective printing process to our clients!